Band Saw Vs Table Saw: Head to Head Comparison

Band Saw Vs Table Saw

For any DIY enthusiast, knowing about band saw vs table saw is a must because power tools are more than just a tool. It is essentially an extension of their creative ideas and usually the first step to creating great pieces of art. In this day and age, carpentry has its own loyal band of followers. And for them, power saws are a must-have instrument.

Whichever material you choose, be it wood, or a harder substance made of metal, you need some sort of saw to rip through them. This is where choosing the correct saw is of the utmost importance. If you do not pick the right saw for the job, your final result will never meet your expectations.

In this article, we will take a look at two power saws that are suitable to handle a plethora of tasks. By comparing between a band saw, and a table saw, we can understand which machine is better for what project and make an informed selection when the time comes.


Band Saw Vs Table Saw

Before we get to the main band saw vs table saw sections, let us start off by looking at a basic overview of both devices.

A table saw is something that you would commonly see in the workshop of any DIY lover. It is a versatile tool that is capable of handling a wide range of cutting tasks. Thanks to its widespread usage, it is usually the first choice when it comes to setting up a workshop by a recreational or occasional woodworker.

A band saw, on the other hand, are powerful machines that are mostly seen in an industrial environment. They are capable of delivering straight cuts with precision and speed.

It can work with materials of almost any thickness, making it the perfect tool for sawing through a lot of timbers in a short time. We will go through each of the devices in detail in the following section of the article.

What is a Table saw?

A table saw is the most common piece of equipment you will find in the workshop of a woodworker. It sets a standard for the versatility of a power saw and can handle almost any task you throw at it.

As a result, as a striving carpenter, your first order of business should be to invest in a quality table saw. It is a better choice in the long run since it can even do the job of circular saw, milter saw, and a few others with a high degree of ease and precision.

By going through the manual and learning how to use the machine efficiently, you can start working on any projects within a short period. On top of efficiency, it also allows you a lot of customizable options to further tune it according to your requirements.

For example, if you want to adjust how deep the blade cuts, you can do it without too much hassle with a table saw. This flexibility allows you to make a precise square, rips, grooves, angles, and a lot of other different cuts with minimal experience and practice.


Here are a few reasons why you should buy a table saw.

Easy and comfortable: The greatest advantage of a table saw is how easy it is to use by almost anyone. It can cut through any piece of timber comfortably, thanks to the powerful motor and design of the blades.

Precision cutting: Another strength of the table saw is its precision and accuracy. You can handle both rips and cuts with this type of power saw without compromising on the precision factor.

Versatile: Whatever your skill level may be as a carpenter, you will always find a place for the table saw in your workshop. It offers a level of versatility that is hard to find with any other machines.

Depth adjustment: Most modern table saws come with a neat option to set the height of the blade using a wheel. As a result, you can easily use it to make grooves.


Although a table saw is an extremely versatile unit, it cannot do everything. Here are some of the ways it is lesser than a band saw.

Cannot work with other materials: A table saw is great when you are working with wood. But it falls short when you want to use a different material. It does not have adequate power to cut through materials such as plastic or metal, which is not a problem with a band saw.

Noisy: Table saws are considerably louder when operating, compared to any other type of power saw. It makes for an uncomfortable experience if you are working for a long time. So, it is always recommended to wear noise-canceling ear pads when working with a table saw.

Cannot cut through thick objects: Another drawback of a table saw is that it cannot cut through anything thicker than 3.5 inches. Although it might not be an issue for most people who are in it for fun, for a professional, it might be off-putting.

What is a Band Saw?

A band saw is quite different from a table saw in many regards. It is not something with which you want to start your career as a woodworker. However, in an industrial setting, it is an essential piece of equipment.

For one thing, it is much more powerful than a table saw. It can cut through thick materials with ease in a quick motion. The serrated blade in the unit constantly moves in a downward motion.

As a result, you get high power and efficiency, especially when you are making straight cuts. Whereas most power saws draw the line at 3.5-inches thickness, this device can take on even thicker materials with relative ease.

It is also capable of handling a wide range of materials ranging from wood to even metal. By changing up the blades, you can get more options out of your band saw. However, if you are aiming for speed, you need to sand down the materials after cutting to get rid of rough edges.

Because of the efficiency of a band saw, it is widely used as a commercial power saw, in large industrial workshops. They are also quite expensive when compared to other similar units.


The following list will help you understand why a band saw is an excellent piece of equipment.

Fast and efficient: A band saw is a potent piece of machinery. It can cut through any task you throw at it quickly without wasting any time.

Making straight cuts: Yes, a table saw can also make decent straight cuts. But when compared to the band saw, even a table saw falls short. The efficiency that you get while making straight cuts with a band saw is uncontested.

Quiet: It is generally a lot less noisy in the workshop when compared to a table saw. As a result, it makes for a much better work experience even when you are stuck in the workshop for an extended period.

Cuts through thick materials: Thickness of the material is not an issue for a band saw. It can cut through any material you throw at it and still come out on top. However, a table saw is only limited to cutting wood.


There are some drawbacks to working only with a band saw. They are listed below.

Rough edges: One of the biggest setbacks of the band saw is the lack of smoothness in its cuts. After cutting the material, it requires thorough sanding before it becomes usable in any project. With a table saw, the finish is somewhat smoother.

Cannot make bevel cuts: Another field where the table saw comes out on top is its ability to make bevel cuts. A band saw is a powerful device, but because of the design of its blade, it cannot make bevels, which is a major disadvantage.

Utility: When compared to a table saw, a band saw lacks a lot of versatility options. Because of the adjustability of the table saw, it can handle almost any task you throw at it. Although a band saw is powerful, it might not offer as much utility.

Although a band saw is powerful, it might not offer as much utility.

Final Verdict

End of the day, your decision between a band saw, and a table saw relies solely on your intended purpose. Both of the devices bring something new to your workshop, and both deserve a place if you can afford them.

For a beginner, a table saw might be the best way to go since it would give you the most options. You can adjust the height of the blade, allowing you to make a wide range of cuts to hone your skills.

However, for professionals working in an industrial environment, a band saw will no doubt offer more value. Its ability to deliver fast, and powerful cuts are what makes it unique and highly efficient in the workshop.

Our head-to-head comparison of a band saw vs table saw should give you a complete idea of which device you should get for your workshop. We hope you have a fun and creative time with whichever one you choose.

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