Charge Air Pro Compressor: What You Need To Know

We interact with air compressors every day without noticing it, but you cannot miss pro air compressors. These compressors are built for heavy duty tasks and aren’t usually found lying around the house. Unlike regular consumer grade air compressors, pro air compressors have a different set of features.

The uses of regular ACs are common and well-known, but people barely know the details for a pro compressor. So, we’re going to take you through all you need to know about the Charge Air Pro compressor and how it may come of use to you.

But first, let’s get to know what kind of air compressor it is.


What is a Charge Air Pro Compressor?

When you look up Charge Air Pro Compressor, you’re likely to come across the company name “Ingersoll Rand.” In most articles and forums, it’s stated that Ingersoll Rand is the main manufacturer of Charge Air Pro compressors. However, there has been a slight change of information.

It is true that Ingersoll Rand originally manufactured Charge Air Pro compressors between the years 1983-1991. Afterwards, there was a recall of the compressors which caused it to be linked to companies such as DeVilbiss Air Power Company as we see today.

Nowadays, Charge Air compressors are being rebranded and sold under different companies with a different label. Regardless, they are still being sold. The Charge Air compressors that you might see up for sale are used, rebuilt, or even fully unusable.

On the other hand, the people that ever bought one of these compressors are likely to still have it considering how long they are able to last.

Charge Air Pro Compressor Contact Info and Manuals

The most recent link we have of the Charge Air Pro compressor to any company is the Devilbiss Air Power Company. So, any questions you might have regarding the compressor, replacement, or repair should be discussed with them directly. Here’s how to contact them –

Devilbiss Air Power Company

4825 Highway 45 N

Jackson, Tennessee 38305-7900

Since Charge Air Pro compressors are so rare, it’s hard to get a hold of specific details. But there is a store in Martin Michigan that apparently deals with Devilbiss Charge Air Pro compressors.

All Parts Inc. also has a downloadable manual along with a parts list that may come of help. They might also be able to discuss details of replacement and/or repair. Here is their link.

Troubleshooting a Charge Air Pro Compressor

If you want to troubleshoot your Charge Air Pro compressor, it’s best to do it after contacting Devilbiss or going through manuals on All Parts Inc. In case both these options fail, you can always try to do some web surfing to figure out the root of the issue.

There’s a high chance that you’ll end up with inadequate info, as these compressors are so outdated. But if all else fails, you can put up a post on an air compressor forum with all your queries where someone can direct you to a solution.

Even if you find yourself hitting a dead end at every attempt to troubleshoot your compressor, don’t take the risk of fixing it on a whim.

Since these compressors are decades old and have little to no information online regarding their specifications, you should not try to fix it even if you follow a tutorial. You might risk damaging the compressor or putting yourself in danger.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Charge Air Pro Compressor

These compressors might be old, but they are still used by many people to this day despite crossing over 30 years since they were first manufactured. This serves as a testimony to the Charge Air Pro compressor’s longevity.

There are a number of advantages of this compressor that get swept under the rug because of its age. If you’re thinking about getting a Charge Air Pro compressor or throwing it out, take a look at its pros and cons first –


  • Large capacity tank, 20-gallon
  • Can be used to reserve air, does not leak
  • Impressive air pressure, about 140 PSI
  • Lasts long, excellent life span and long-term performance
  • Easy storage, can be moved around
  • Less costly than modern air compressors


  • Loses build-up of pressure (if not preserved properly)
  • Hard to find replacement parts and repair

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who makes DeVilbiss Air Compressor?

The DeVilbiss Air Power Company was founded in 1888. They manufactured a wide range of pneumatic machinery including air compressors, pressure washers, air tools, generators, etc. After 1999, DeVilbiss was sold to Pentair, which was then sold over to Black & Decker circa 2004.

2. Who makes Charge Air Pro compressors?

Charge Air Pro compressors were first manufactured by Ingersoll Rand between the years 1983 to 1991. Afterwards, it was sold under DeVilbiss before the DeVilbiss Air Power Company was sold to Pentair then Black & Decker.

3. Is the Charge Air Pro compressor for sale?

Yes, you can still buy the Charge Air Pro compressor through different online stores. They are not in production, but may be sold under a different brand name with similar functionalities, such as Energair, MacTool, Ajax, Rand 4000, Power Force, Rallye, Guardian Power, and more.

4. Why was the Charge Air Pro compressor recalled?

According to the CPSC, the Charge Air Pro compressor was recalled because there were various incidents of the inside of the tank corroding, rupturing, and causing explosions. However, no injuries were said to have occured.


The Charge Air Pro compressor is still being used by many people and used versions are being sold. Although there aren’t reports of these compressors being dangerous, they are very hard to upkeep considering little to no information online about their replacement, repair, or specifications.

If you do take on the decision of getting a Charge Air Pro compressor, make sure to use the contact info we’ve given and clear all your queries. Remember to never attempt fixing or troubleshooting the compressor yourself.

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