How To Fold A Bandsaw Blade?

how to fold bandsaw blade

The bandsaw blade needs lots of attention to fold or unfold as the blade is made of metal. The sharp side of the blade can harm your hand or other materials if you lose concentration even for a few moments. If you are new at the bandsaw blade folding, you must learn the basics to fold the saw blade for the first time. It would help you to do the job easier and save you from any unexpected situation.

Why Do You need to Fold or Unfold the Bandsaw Blade?

When you change the saw blade or remove it for sharpening purposes, you need to carry your blade. It can take a lot of room if you don’t fold it properly. Also, lots of security reasons involved in the saw blade movement.

You must wear a thick pair of hand gloves to protect your hand from serious injuries. Considering the safety and ease of carrying, experts suggest a folding bandsaw blades. It will help with the effective and easy movement of your bandsaw.

Coiling the blade also helps to store it properly. If you don’t need to use your bandsaw for a certain period, you can fold it and store it for future use. It will increase the longevity of your bandsaw as well.

How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade as Beginner?

Safeguard Yourself: When you are working with any kind of sharp equipment, think about your safety first. Protect your skin and eye with convenient safety material. This will help you avoid any kind of injury during the work.

You can wear sunglasses, a skin protector and hand gloves to protect yourself during the work. Bandsaw blades are sharp and heavy-duty cutting equipment. So, you have to protect yourself considering the issue.

As a beginner, you must wear the hand glove at least. This will prevent hand cutting and safeguard your hand. You will find various types of gloves available in the market.

Clean Your Bandsaw and Blade: On duty, the bandsaw blade get dirty with dust and lubricants. When you remove the blade from the bandsaw, you need to clean it before you fold it. This will provide the ease of folding the blade.

A clean blade is easy to hold and carry. An unclean blade is sometimes slippery that can cause harm to your hand. You can use a dry cloth to clean the blade. It will help you remove all the dust and lubricants as well.

If you do not clean it before the fold, then you won’t able to clean it after the fold. Because some of the parts will be covered with the fold of another part. So, cleaning the blade at this state is convenient.

Hold the Blade in Front of You: Hold the blade with your 2 hands and set the bottom of the blade on a level surface. After placing it to the ground, grab the one-third of the way down of each side. If it is not possible to place the blade on the ground, you can use a piece of wood as well.

This will help you to keep balance when you will fold the blade. The ground will keep the blade level and helps on folding it accurately. Also, the method is much comfortable than folding on the air. If you are a beginner at blade folding, you must follow this method.

Push the Blade on Two Side: Once you set the blade on the ground, you have to push the blade from both sides. It will bend the blade and helps with quick folding. Keep your arms out of the body, so you can create pressure accurately.

If the blade gets lean to your way, tilt the blade toward the ground. Stay aware, so, it does not come to your side. Because it can harm your body. Also, hamper on the process of saw blade folding.

Take a Back Step to Bend the Blade: Once you bend the blade, take a step away. It will help to bend the saw blade to a forward loop. Keep holding the blade and slowly move backward. This will help you to fold the blade comfortably.

Most of the bandsaw comes with safety guide, folding, unfolding guide, and other technical guides as well. You must follow the user manual to get the best performance from it. This will help you to fold or unfold the bandsaw blade much effectively.

Cross Your Hands to Form Loops on the Blade: You need to cross your one hand over another one to form loops on your bandsaw blade. This stage you need to pay the highest attention. Because saw blades sometimes come forward to your body when you are making across the loop.

It can hamper your body or other involved equipment. When you cross your hands, try to use the support of the ground. Push the blade toward the ground. It will keep the blade straight and effective for folding.

Move Slowly So You Don’t Lose the Control: Not only for beginners, but experts also should move the blade slowly. Especially, when you are folding it, try to keep it under your control. If you move very fast, you may lose control and this can cause a hamper on your work.

Removing and cleaning the blade also need slow actions. So, you don’t break any teeth or something. If you don’t understand any part, try to read the user-manual and remove the blade carefully.

Tie the Blade with a Wire: Once you fold it, don’t carry it barely. Instead, you can use a wire to tie it. This will keep the blade folded and remove the danger at the same time. You can put multiple wires on your bandsaw blade. It will provide more strength and security on duty.

Final Words

 We remove the bandsaw blade for many reasons. Whenever you remove it, carry it on the folded form. Following this step by step guide, you can easily fold the bandsaw blade effortlessly.

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