How To Inflate A Pool With An Air Compressor

How To Inflate A Pool With An Air Compressor

Bringing that smile on your child’s face is something that no parents like to miss out on. Making them happy becomes their ultimate motive. While there are a lot of ways parents can do that, there’s one thing that can definitely excite them. Ever thought of having a garden party with a pool, fun toys and loads of food? Well, here’s a quick solution for that.

The very first joys of their lives begin here. Small pools are designed in such a way that your kid will be safe whilst also having a lot of fun. Not just your kid alone, but his friends can join in too.

Then be it a small celebration or a mini picnic organized in the backyard of your house, a  pool ensures that their happiness is prioritized.

However, during such an event, it can become a tad bit difficult for you to make it happen and the reason is that inflating a pool can prove to be a task. But, making good use of an air compressor here can make your life easier.

If you have not utilized the benefits of an air compressor yet, delve into its world right away and organize the best garden party for your kid.


Types Of Air Compressor You Can Pick From

The best options that are available in the market to inflate pool toys, as well as pool, are electric air compressors. These can be bought online or you can get them at a sports store. These air compressors for pool are lightweight and hence are mobile to be carried to the beaches or any other destination that you have planned.

This air compressor type can also be helpful, just in case you face tire puncture during your drive. It’s your safe bet and you don’t even have to hunt for a mechanic.

For a bigger pool, you might need a home air compressor that comes with a tank. This one is a powerful source and can fill the air in the pool within no time. Make sure you don’t over-inflate it as it can easily damage the construction of the pool.

Another thing you need to make sure before is that you pick the right area to inflate the pool and see that the area steers clear of any sharp objects on the ground. This will help the pool stay in a proper position.

How To Inflate A Pool Using An Air Compressor

1. Set It Up​​​

Even before you bring out the pool to be filled, you need to make sure that your air compressor is assembled properly. If you have a heavy air compressor, give it time to build up air. If you are going to inflate the pool with a battery-operated one, you won’t have to wait long to start filling the air in the pool.

2. Steps To Do It Right

  • Remove the cap of the air filler valve from the pool to start inflating the pool.
  • Make sure you connect it to your air compressor. Also, check if the air hose fits well with the valve. The flap needs to be disengaged here.
  • Start filling the air and keep checking in between if its getting filled properly. The pool should be tight enough by the end. Now, disconnect the hose from the valve.

While doing so, make sure you don’t end up adding extra air into the pool as it can burst. Be cautious here!

The second thing you need to know is that you should add water after you have inflated the pool. Attempting to fill water while blowing up the pool is or before the process is a wrong practice.

How To Turn Off The Compressor 

Once your pool is filled up, turn off the air compressor. Gently, separate the air compressor from the hose and open the drain valve. This will empty the water from the tank. Make sure you store your air compressor in a dry place and away from the children.

Making use of air compressors is a necessity these days. When you tend to inflate things manually, it can lead to health problems and that’s something no one really wants. Bringing an air compressor into your life can make every small task easy for you.

Summers are a great way to rejuvenate for your kids and partying doesn’t come with age. With the advancement in technology and the goodness of it bestowed on us, using air compressors can prove to be a game-changer. They are a blessing and a savior during tough times!

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