How To Sharpen A Circular Saw Blade?

how to sharpen a circular saw blade

After several months of use, most of the saw blades provide edgeless performance that is annoying for the saw owner. To ensure clean and accurate performance, you need to sharpen your circular saw blade after a certain time. This will clean and smooth cutting effortlessly.


Is It Worth Sharpening Circular Saw Blades?

A dull circular saw blade, needs lots of pressure, hard work, and energy to cut any material. Sharpening the saw blade reduce your hard work and save the time to complete a job. Thus, you need to sharpen the saw blade after a certain time to keep it functional and effective for duty.

You can sharpen the saw blade in various ways, but not all are effective and easy to perform. Here, I will list a few common steps that will help you to sharpen the circular saw blade properly. You don’t need to be an expert to sharpen the saw blade following this step by step guide.

How to Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade? – Step by Step

Most of the people feel confused when they try to sharpen the saw blade for the first time. They come up with lots of questions, How to sharpen, where to start, and more. If you are a beginner, you can perform sharpening using the below steps.

Perform Basic Cleaning

Before you sharpen the circular blade, you must clean the saw blade properly. It will help you to sharpen the blade easily and you can only concentrate on the blade sharpening. It reduces the time of sharpening as well.

If you start sharpening an unclean circular blade, it will impact on the process and hamper the cleaning. Sometimes it can cause unwanted damage to your saw blade teeth. You should clean the blade after every use of your saw.

You can prevent any kind of dust and rust on your circular blade just performing the regular cleaning. This will ensure the longevity of your circular blade and provide the best performance on duty.

Remove the Saw Blade

To sharpen the circular saw blade, your first duty is removing the saw blade carefully. It will help you to clean and sharpen the blade accurately. Make sure the blade is dry and placed in a clean surface to perform sharpening.

When you are removing the saw blade, stay alert. Any kind of damage will make the saw footless. Use a blade wrench to remove the arbor-lock of the circular saw blade. It will help you to loosen the nut and remove the blade effectively.

We also use the arbor-lock to change the saw blade as well. So, if you learn the process, you can change the saw blade yourself.

Set the Blade in a Flat Surface

After removing the saw blade, set the saw blade on a flat surface. Don’t keep the blade in dust or dirty place. It will slow down the process of circular blade sharpening. You can use a dust remover to clean the place and saw the blade as well.

Position the blade towards you by holding a vice grip of your saw blade. It will help you get a firm good grip and sharpen the blade accurately. Don’t hold the blade too tightly or too slowly. Because it might twist your saw blade’s teeth.

If you can’t hold the blade appropriately, you won’t able to sharpen the saw blade properly. So, you must hold it properly and perform comfortable sharpening.

Teeth Count and Cleaning

Before you start performing the sharpening, you need to count the blade teeth. Because this will help you to identify the end of a circular saw blade. Otherwise, you will get confused about how many teeth you sharpen?

Also, this will help you to avoid sharpen the same teeth multiple times. You will easily know how many teeth you need to sharpen and this reduces the time of circular blade sharpening. You can count the teeth and split down them into several areas.

This will help you perform the sharpening process effectively. You can perform the sharpening multiple times. Of course, this ensures the ease of the circular saw blade sharpening.

Mark the Saw Blade

Mark the saw blade using chalk. You can mark it on the top of it. This will help you identify the top of the saw blade. You can start counting the blades from the marked position and this will help to reduce hard work on the process.

You can also use any other materials for marking the top of your circular blade. Using a tape, yarn or color can be a convenient material for marking the blade. You can count the blade teeth from the top and keep counting in clockwise.

This will help you to remember the circle and keep sharpening easily. You can easily complete the sharpening.

Pay Attention to the Bevels

The saw has bevels on its surface. So, you need to sharp one tooth and then skip the next tooth. Then sharp the following one again and skip one tooth. Perform the steps until the whole blade sharpening is completed.

You will find a circular saw blade sharpener that you can use to sharpen the saw blade. Also, you can use the knife sharpener to sharpen the circular saw blade. But you need to stay careful about the bevels and teeth.

Otherwise, you can harm the sawtooth instead of sharpening them. This is the reason; you need extra attention when you are sharpening the circular saw as a beginner.

Repeat the Process by Flipping the Blade

After performing the process of sharpening, you need to flip the blade and sharpen the opposite side of the blade. Once you sharpen both sides, double-check the teeth and perform the final touch. This will help you to sharpen teeth that you missed unconsciously.

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Final Words

If you are a beginner, you can easily sharpen a circular blade saw following this step by step guide. You can also change the circular saw blade using the same method. When you performing the sharpening, stay careful. Otherwise, you will harm the blade unconsciously.

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