Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw: Which One is Best For You?

Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw

When you just have decided to upgrade your tools collection for woodworking, the confusion starts. The biggest question is, which one should you get for your projects. Some professionals even think to grab both of them. The discussion of Miter saw vs circular saw is nothing new.

If we discuss in general, both of them have some unique features. The miter saw is best for when your projects require lots of trimming while the circular saw is better for rip-cuts or some special angle cuts. But that is not the only point to consider. Rather, you need to know the benefits of each type.

This article will compare these two popular types feature by feature so that once you have read this, you can finalize which one to get.


What is a Miter Saw?

In a simple sentence, a miter saw is a professional woodworking tool that has enough power to cut through heavy wooden objects. This power tool is mainly designed for perfect crosscuts through the object at a particular angle.

Considering the angle, a miter saw can cut the object from 0 to 90-degree angle. The best thing about the tool is, it can cut different types of wood objects at ease. Based on the model and the brand, the style and outlook may vary, but the basic things will be the same for all products.

Especially, the style of the blade. All miter saws will have a circular blade that cuts the object in the angle you set for it. But the blade will come with teeth. According to the product you purchased, the teeth number will vary.

What is a Circular Saw?

As the miter saw, a circular saw is also a power tool that allows its users to cut objects. Though the outlook of the circular saw varies for brands and the models, the blade-style will be the same. The power tool comes with a flat blade to cut the objects.

When the user starts the machine, the blade rotates at high speed and cut wood, plastic, plywood, and some other materials. It operates in a straightforward style. It could be both corded and cordless and this handheld machine can cut easily the object. The main feature of this item is its versatility.

Moreover, the machine is relatively cheap that everyone can effort. Any professional who works in carpentry, woodworking, and similar professions can use it.

Comparison For Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw According to Features

Here you will get the details about each type of machines and that will let you know which could help in your project.

System of Operating

You must know how these machines operate when using and applying to cut something. Well, a miter saw is a thing where the machine needs to be assembled in the right way. Some items may come ready to work but most of the miter saws will come in several parts and you have to line them up to use it. Once everything is lined up, you will have to give the power connection to the miter saw. Now take the object and place it on the base or the table that is attached to the machine. Set the angle and the measurement for cutting and apply the machine to cut through the object.

On the other hand, circular saws usually come ready to use and you can start using it immediately. As mentioned earlier, there are both corded and cordless circular saws. So, based on the type you have purchased, turn on the machine. Now set the object on the based and directly apply the flat blade to cut it. There is nothing to be worried about the angle or bevel cut. This is simple and according to the type of object, you may have to change the settings.

Types of Cuts

If you ask anyone who has vast experience in the woodworking tools industry, I will say that the main difference between a circular saw and a miter saw is the type of cuts.

While a miter saw mostly can cut only the wooden objects, a circular saw is versatile. A circular saw can be used for cutting a variety of materials including even metal.

Another thing that differentiates these two styles is the cutting angle. Miter saws are intended for perfectly cross-cut the object while the circular saw is, however, capable of crosscut but with less accuracy.

Miter saw has no issues in perfection. You can have a perfect cut each time whether it is straight cut or angle cut. However, the drawback of miter saw is, it can’t handle different materials. Most of the machines are designed only for wooden objects.


You definitely should know which one is more portable and easy to move. Because you don’t need to buy a power tool and do larger projects. Maybe you want to move frequently to different sights for projects and you need to carry the machine.

In that term, a circular saw would be a good thing for you. especially, people who have to deal with too many small projects may choose circular saw as it is relatively small and portable. You don’t need a large area to install it.

On the other hand, compared to circular saws, miter saws are larger and may need some extra effort to move it. Some models may have great portability but less than the circular saw.


We can’t deny that the price of the tool plays a big role in decision making. Let me tell you one thing when it is the comparison between a circular saw and miter saw, there is no huge price gap between them.

Some models may come at an expensive price, but most products have similar prices. So, this is not a big factor for your decision.


Being honest, when you are spending on a power tool, you need a good budget. So you may want to know which one gives better longevity. But the fact is, you shouldn’t decide which one to buy based on this factor. Because longevity has nothing to deal with the style of the cutting tool.

If you pick the right one from a good brand, both types may give you a good service for a long time. To achieve longevity, you can read some buyers’ guide for power tool and choose the right one.

So, Which One Should You Buy?

If you have read the above things, now it is time to know which one would be good for whom.

When to Buy a Miter Saw –

Circular saw is good for versatility. If you are a professional and most of your jobs require different types of cuts, a circular saw would be a good choice for you. This is nothing difficult to use the machine and has a better capacity to apply to the object.

Most of the woodworking job can be done perfectly with a good circular saw. Especially for rip-cut, nothing can compete with a circular saw. If some of your projects demand a straight cut, you can first cut the hardboard sheet on the edges and then use a clamp to hold the object and cut it straight.

Another possible way is using an additional ready-made guide rail that helps to get a perfectly straight cut on the object. This can save you a lot of money. Some models even come with a tilting base that you could use to set the proper angle.

When to Buy a Circular Saw –

Miter saw is perfect if you don’t have to deal with objects like plywood. You can have perfection in cut and according to the miter. Projects that require so many trimming, should be done with a miter saw.

For instance, making small tables, frame, furniture, etc. require a perfect cutting angle and trimming. So, when your profession and the work style are related to this type of project, you should pick a good miter saw. Other than that, there is no benefit of just spending tons of money for a new miter saw and storing it in the garage.

Where to Find a Good Product?

You can easily find a good power tool for cutting objects. The convenient way is ordering online. You can follow some reviews from experts to know which products are trending now and which one will give the best for your budget. Make sure that you are also reading some after purchase reviews to get in-depth knowledge about the product.

Final Verdict

This miter saw vs circular saw comparison tells you everything that you need to know. Read carefully and find out which one mostly meets your requirements. However, this is also possible that you occasionally do such kind of projects and has a small budget.

Especially, who is a novice and don’t have much knowledge about power tools. If so, I would suggest going for something else. There are some other styles of power tools related to woodworking that could fulfill your requirements. Instead of wasting money, go for those styles, and save money.

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